Ray Romano

Ray Romano’s “Somewhere in Queens” Review

In his directorial debut, Ray Romano takes on an intimate family drama with “Somewhere in Queens.” The film stars Jacob Ward, Laurie Metcalf, and Tony Lo Bianco as a father and son who are attempting to navigate life in their new neighborhood. The film is Romano’s first feature as director, and he has a lot of ambition in his hands.

Although the film has contrivances, “Somewhere in Queens” still rings true. The characters are deeply human, and their fears are touched in a sensitive manner. This film is worth watching and enjoying, especially if you enjoy a slapstick comedy.

In “Somewhere in Queens,” Romano plays a desperate man desperate to find attention. As a result, the movie has some funny moments, such as when Romano and Ally (David Cross) argue over the meaning of life. The movie’s main characters aren’t perfect, but they don’t make it seem like it.

“Somewhere in Queens” premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year. It received strong reviews, and is set for a theatrical release by Roadside Attractions in 2023. There’s no word on whether the film will get a wide release or remain a niche hit.

Romano and Stegemann acted together on the TNT show Men of a Certain Age. The film features a similar tone to the show, as the two actors have plenty of witty banter. Danielle, for instance, is quick to point out that she doesn’t come from the ritziest part of Forest Hills Gardens. And Leo is prone to quoting Rocky.

“Somewhere in Queens” is Romano’s first feature film, and he wrote and directed the film with Mark Stegemann. While he didn’t aim for perfection, Romano managed to capture the true essence of the material. In this film, he plays a put-upon nice guy named Leo Russo, who has a son named Sticks (Jacob Ward) who is about to enter the family construction business.

Ray Romano’s latest film is a spirited ensemble piece about an Italian family. The film’s soundtrack features traditional Italian music over home videos of a boisterous wedding. It also features to-camera testimonials from the family members. The Russo family is led by patriarch Dominick (Tony Lo Bianco). Dominick runs a construction company where everyone else works, including Leo, the second-choice son. Leo’s younger brother Frank (Sebastian Manisalco) is a foreman for the crew.